Providing Peace of Mind:

Rest assured that your home inspection will be performed by an experienced, knowledgeable professional who as a building science expert has a unique ability to observe, examine, understand and explain how defects affect the house systems. My findings have stood up in legal proceedings.

There is a big difference between a home inspector and a building science expert. The difference saved us from what could have been a painfully expensive decision.

Much More than the Minimum:

My home inspections are performed from a whole house perspective. Houses must be considered as an integrated environment with all their components and systems functioning smoothly together.

Rick is meticulous and thorough – qualities that proved to save us thousands of dollars on a home we fell in love with.

Comprehensive and Easy to Read:

Findings are documented in a professional, easy to understand, well-written home inspection report. Defects are explained in detail with as little technical jargon as possible. Implications of not making repairs are included along with the specific type of construction professional needed for repairs. Direction is given on how repairs should be made.

Rick provided a comprehensive summary and documentation that allowed us to feel comfortable moving forward.

Education is the Name of the Game:

My job as a home inspector is to educate and assist my customers to better understand the existing conditions of a property. No question is ever too silly. When I have completed my services, my customers will have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about the houses they are buying, selling or keeping.

Besides being a terrific home inspector, Rick is still available to answer any questions we have about our home and recommend other great construction professionals to us.

Working for You:

Part of being a great home inspector is understanding who is my customer. The answer is you, whether you are a buyer, a seller, an investor or a homeowner wanting a maintenance inspection. My loyalty is always to my customer.

Rick would look to our best interests when doing a home inspection.

 Rick has integrity and is someone you can trust.

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