Is your room too hot or too cold? As a home inspector, home buyers often ask me why one room or area of a house is colder or hotter than other rooms. I will offer one solution to this problem.

Rick Nipper Measuring Temperature at Floor Vent

Rick Nipper measuring temperature at floor vent

Home comfort is a personal preference. However, when there are dramatic differences in temperature from one room or area of a house to another, it’s hard to keep everyone in the house comfortable. The knee-jerk reaction to feeling too hot or too cold is to adjust the thermostat. This action only exacerbates the problem making rooms even colder or hotter. If the heating and air conditioning equipment is functioning properly, rooms that are too hot or too cold signal a problem with the air distribution system of the house.

So, what can you do about these extreme temperature variations? Take a look below for one solution:

Dampers are used in heating and air conditioning systems. They are installed where the air ducts meet a plenum and become part of the air distribution system. They are called dampers because they offer the ability to close off or open air flow in varying degrees to certain rooms of the house. Dampers can help balance the air flow or distribution throughout the house.

Is your room too hot or too cold? There’s no need for some of your family members to be uncomfortable. To get a Home Comfort Check and discover ways to make your home more comfortable for all your family members, give us a call at 919-846-6133.

Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc.Author: Rick Nipper is a NC Licensed Home Inspector, a NC Licensed General Contractor and a Building Science Expert. He is the owner of Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc. and Nipper Home Solutions in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.