Below are a home inspector’s tips for home sellers to provide you with a better home selling experience.

As a home seller, you are looking to move on to the next phase of your life whether it be a house across town or a cross-country move. Before you get ahead of yourself, follow these 7 tips for home sellers to make sure that you receive the best home inspection report possible for the house you are selling.

1House for Sale in Apex, NC. Move it. Home inspectors must be able to access all areas of the house including the attic, garage, storage rooms, closets and basement. If the entrance to any of these areas is blocked, move your belongings so that the home inspector can gain access to them. If these areas are blocked, it will look as if you have something to hide.

2. Make it Shine. Test all light fixtures on the interior and exterior of the house. Replace any burned out or missing bulbs. The home inspector will not be able to determine if the problem is simply a burned out bulb or if there is a problem with the light fixture or electrical wiring.

3. Check those Batteries. Get a step-ladder and check the batteries in the smoke detectors. You should do this for your own safety whether you are selling your house or not. If a smoke detector doesn’t work, replace the battery or replace the entire smoke detector.

4. Replace it. There is nothing more disgusting than a return air filter that has not been changed in years. This is the air you are breathing and dirty air filters can affect the performance of your heating and air conditioning equipment. A dirty air filter is not the impression you want to leave with the home inspector or the buyers who may be following the home inspector around your house. Change that filter.

5. Prune. Prune. Prune. Rid your yard of any bushes or trees limbs that touch or overhang any part of the house. Vegetation too close to the house does not allow the house building materials to dry out quickly after it rains promoting rot. Prune it. Dig it up. Pull it out.

6. Get out that Screwdriver. Check all exterior and interior doors. Tighten loose door knobs, latch plates and door hinges. Make sure that the hinge pins are fully installed. Tighten any loose kitchen and bathroom cabinet knobs or handles.

7. Raise them up. Make sure that all windows are operable. Inoperable windows are a safety issue in the event of fire or another emergency. The typical reason why windows cannot be opened is dried paint on the windows. Make sure all windows in the house can be easily opened.

If any of these items is present during a home inspection, be assured that they will show up on the home inspection report. You don’t want these “ticky” items cluttering up a home inspection report.

You can easily tackle these items before you list your home for sale. Leave a positive impression on both the home inspector and potential buyers by following these tips for home sellers

What other tips have I left out?

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Author: Rick Nipper is a NC Licensed Home Inspector, a NC Licensed General Contractor and a building science expert. He is the owner of Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc. and Nipper Home Solutions in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.