4 Myths about New Homes: Why You Need a Builder Warranty Inspection

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New home buyers can have misconceptions about the houses they are purchasing. They sometimes don’t understand the need to get a builder warranty inspection before the 12 month builder warranty expires. This article will dispel these myths and new home owners will be convinced that they should get a builder warranty inspection.

Myth #1: I have a great builder. Maybe. Your builder may have convinced you of this with their marketing literature. The truth is that most home builders are not building your home. Home builders contract the work out to many subcontractors. In fact, some of the subcontractors hire subcontractors themselves. Some home builders even contract out all the work to General Contractors who then contract with subcontractors. Who exactly is building your house? I hate to burst the bubble, but the best subcontractors for a specific trades are not working in the new home sector. They are working in the remodeling sector or in commercial construction. As a result, the quality of the work in most new home construction is less than stellar.

This is a good point, right? Are you seeing why a Builder Warranty Inspection is important?

Builder Warranty Inspection - Raised Roof Shingles  These raised roof shingles will allow moisture to penetrate under the shingles and to the roof decking. These defects were discovered during an 11 month Builder Warranty Inspection. In time, the roof decking will rot.

Myth #2: My new home has already been inspected by the city or county. True…but…Municipal building inspectors spend only a few minutes at each property and only have time for a cursory inspection. Builders and their subcontractors know this. Municipal inspectors don’t have time to crawl the entire crawl space or attic. Because of their extreme work load, they are forced to trust the builder and their subcontractors. The builder and their subcontractors know this and sometimes take advantage of this trust. Many things can still go wrong after the municipal inspectors have signed off on various inspections. No one is looking at how the components and systems of the house function as a whole unless you hire an independent private home inspector.

Have I convinced you of the importance of a Builder Warranty Inspection yet?

Builder Warranty Inspection - Misssing Attic Insulation Insulation was missing in a portion of the attic of this Energy Star Home. I often find missing insulation in areas of the Energy Star homes I inspect.

Myth #3: Nothing could go wrong because my home is new.  False. Actually a lot could go wrong with your new house both during construction and during the first year. There are the obvious defects that you may have caught in the first months in your new home. But, there are also hidden defects that most homeowners won’t have the technical training to find. Small defects can result in expensive  repairs in the future. In my professional experience, the most significant problems with houses that are 5, 10, 20 or 30 years old originated when the house was new.

Compelling to know especially if you are planning to stay in your home for a number of years.

Split roof truss on new home by Rick Nipper home inspector  This is a split roof truss discovered during an inspection of a new home that was never repaired before closing and was in the same condition at the 11-month builder warranty inspection.

Myth #4: I had a home inspection before I closed on my house. Maybe you did. However, over the first year, the systems of the house start to operate and you start living in the house the way you live. Building materials will expand and contract with environmental and weather changes. Problems might become apparent during the first year that were not evident when you first moved into your house.

Bowed garage door track by Rick Nipper home inspector This garage door track was bowed and making a loud racket. The door would eventually have either stopped working or fallen as it was not secured to the framing in a number of locations. It was discovered during an 11 month Builder Warranty Inspection.

Here’s why you should schedule a Builder Warranty Inspection:

  • The builder is responsible for repairs to your new home for the first 12 months.
  • The cost of warranty repairs were already calculated into the cost of the house you bought. You have essentially already paid for these repairs.
  • The cost of the inspection will be far outweighed by the cost of repairs that you won’t have to pay for in the future.

The prudent action to take is to hire an independent skilled home inspector and building science expert to perform a Building Warranty Inspection for your new home. Don’t miss this opportunity. If you miss this opportunity, you could find out why you should have gotten a Builder Warranty Inspection when you go to sell the house. The buyer’s home inspector will find defects that should have been discovered during the first year of the house.

Gapped sealant at trim boards by Rick Nipper Home Inspector This is split caulk or sealant where trim boards meet discovered during an 11-month Builder Warranty Inspection.

Hopefully, I have convinced you of the importance of getting a builder warranty inspection before the first 12 months is up. 


Call 919-846-6133 to schedule your 11-month Builder Warranty Inspection. I look forward to helping you protect the investment you have made.

Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc.Author: Rick Nipper is a NC Licensed Home Inspector, a NC Licensed General Contractor and a building science expert. He is the owner of Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc. and Nipper Home Solutions in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

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Should You Get a Home Inspection for a New Home?

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Home Inspection for a New Home:

I will offer an example of why you should get a home inspection for a new home. While building standards have improved in recent years,  the execution and performance of the work has not improved. Mistakes are still often made when building a house.Do New Homes Need a Home Inspection?

This example is from a $450,000 ENERGY STAR new home. There was no insulation or vapor retarder in the crawl space.  Fortunately, those problems can easily be resolved. However, the broken condensate drain pipe in the rear wall did not have an easy solution. The HVAC equipment was installed during warm weather and the air conditioning was running for perhaps a week prior to my inspection. The moisture from the broken condensate drain pipe should have drained to the exterior, but instead drained into the wall and floor cavities. When I arrived at the house, water was dripping between the OSB joints in the subfloor into the crawl space. This moisture warped the hardwood floors and damaged the kitchen cabinets. The builder did not have a clue of this issue until my inspection.

The sad fact is that I find all sorts of serious problems when inspecting new houses no matter the price. So, you decide…should you get a home inspection when buying a new home?

If you are not yet convinced, see my 5 Compelling Reasons for New Home Buyers to Get a Home Inspection. To schedule your home inspection for a new home, contact me at 919-846-6133.

Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc.

Author: Rick Nipper is a NC Licensed Home Inspector, a NC Licensed General Contractor and a building science expert. He is the owner of Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc. and Nipper Home Solutions in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

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5 Reasons to Get a Home Inspection on a New Home

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There are important reasons why new home buyers should always get a home inspection on a new home before purchasing.

Buying a new home is an exciting experience with the opportunity to pick out paint colors and floor coverings. In all the excitement of figuring out where the furniture will go and your new route to work, don’t forget to get your new home inspected by a licensed home inspector.

Building Plans for New Construction Home in Chapel Hill, NC

Building Plans for New Construction Home in Chapel Hill, NC

It’s best to have a licensed home inspector inspect a new home during early phases of construction when more of the house is visible. But, if the house is almost complete when you decide to buy it, it’s still important to get a home inspection on a new home. The walk-through with the builder is not enough. You need a professional looking out for you. Here’s why you should get an inspection on a new home:

1.  New construction homes have all sorts of problems. Building a home is a complex orchestration involving many different subcontractors and their employees each working on a different system of the house usually without regard to the other house systems. With all the separate activities occurring at the same time, it is nearly impossible for the builder to carefully check all phases of construction. Even the best builders will likely miss something. Here are some examples of problems I’ve found in newly built homes:

  • Broken roof trusses
  • Missing siding
  • Ducts completely unattached to the heating and air conditioning unit
  • Missing insulation in homes being sold as Energy Star energy-efficient homes
  • Organic growth on crawl space wood framing
  • Raised roof shingles allowing water to penetrate underneath the shingles

2.  Municipal building inspections are not the same as home inspections. The job of municipal building inspectors is to check for compliance with applicable building codes. Building codes are minimum standards. While most municipal building inspectors are doing their best, factors beyond their control prevent these inspections from being enough.

3.  Problems found before you buy can be fixed before moving in to your new home. You won’t have to deal with the dust and noise from repairs, or the inconvenience of having to stay home from work while workers are in your house. While there will likely be some minor touch-ups that will need to take place after you move in, you will want the builder to fix any significant repairs right away.

4.  Defects can be repaired before they result in serious consequences or costly damage. Safety items such as gas leaks need to be addressed to protect you and your family. Missing attic insulation that will result in higher utility bills can be installed. Raised shingles which can lead to rotted roof sheathing can be repaired before purchasing your new home.

5.  It matters at resale. When you decide to sell your formerly new home, the buyer will likely get a home inspection. Deficiencies that date back to the original construction will be discovered even if you never knew they existed. At this point, it’s too late to get the builder involved. You now own those problems.

The Good News is that hiring a professional licensed home inspector to inspect your new dream home can pay for itself many times over both monetarily and with peace of mind. You can feel confident that problems are identified and corrected early before you buy your home.

For confidence and peace of mind, contact Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc.  at 919-846-6133 to get an inspection on your new home.

Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc.Author: Rick Nipper is a NC Licensed Home Inspector, a NC Licensed General Contractor and a building science expert. He is the owner of Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc. and Nipper Home Solutions in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

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