Pre-Drywall Home Inspections:

You are buying a new house and wondering if you should spend the money to get a pre-drywall home inspection. I will give you 3 reasons and 1 specific example of why the answer is a resounding “Yes”

1. There are many workers involved in the construction of your new home. Mistakes happen. Superintendents are busy building many houses. Jurisdictional building inspectors are overworked. You need someone who knows construction looking out for you.

2. As a home inspector, I always find issues that need to be addressed at the pre-drywall stage of home construction.

3. This is the time to find problems while they are easy to correct. When the house is fully built, often you are only seeing the symptoms of a problem, not the cause of the problem.

Here is an example of what I discovered on a pre-drywall inspection that would have gone unaddressed by the builder without this inspection. I noticed water leaking onto the rough framing of this house under construction.

Leaky Roof Causing Damage to Rough Framing

It ran down behind the house wrap and through the foundation wall of the garage.

 Result of Leaky Roof: Water Running to Garage Foundation

The cause was this area on the roof.

Step Flashing Covered by Roof Patch at Leaky Roof

You should always get a Pre-Drywall Home Inspection when buying a new home. To schedule your pre-drywall home inspection, call 919-846-6133.

Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc.

Author: Rick Nipper is a NC Licensed Home Inspector, a NC Licensed General Contractor and a building science expert. He is the owner of Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc. and Nipper Home Solutions in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.