References: Let my customers explain why you will want to hire me:


R ick Nipper is every home buyer’s best friend and every real estate investor’s secret weapon. Rick is meticulous and thorough – qualities that proved to save my husband and me thousands of dollars on a home we fell in love with. Rick’s comprehensive home inspection revealed numerous issues in that home. We felt comfortable walking away from the home because of the comprehensive recapitulation that Rick delivered. There is a big difference between a home inspector and a building science expert. The difference saved us from what could have been a painfully expensive decision. Rick epitomizes integrity and work ethic. It was a real joy to work with him and his team. I won’t hesitate to refer business opportunities to him. He’s that good!” Olalah N.


W hen buying our first home, my wife and I really wanted someone who was not only reliable but had expert knowledge of the gotchas in buying a new home. We are happy using Rick to inspect two houses we were interest in putting an offer in and very glad for it; the significant issues we found in the first home really made us rethink that opportunity. I cannot endorse Rick any higher than this: if you need someone for home inspections or general contractor work, there is no one better. Having recommended Rick to friends, I am confident in this boast.” Andrew F.


E veryone should get a home inspection for a new house even if you think your builder is the greatest builder ever. I hired Rick Nipper to inspect my new home during the construction phase and it was a smart move for me. Rick discovered several problems that the builder did not think were significant and therefore he did not fix them. However, by the time the house was finished all the predictions that Rick made about what would happen to the house if these problems were not fixed had already occurred. I cannot over-emphasize how glad I am that I had Rick Nipper on my side for such a large purchase and would highly recommend him.” Jay R.


R ick is a very detailed oriented professional who is well versed in residential construction. I have used him on more than one occasion for home inspections and find his work to be invaluable. He is truly looking out for the buyer’s best interest.” Tim M.


R ick is an extremely detail-oriented. He is so knowledgeable and trust-worthy. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants great quality, integrity and a sound business sense. Rick is the best!!” Shelley K.


R ick was recommended to me by a colleague and I would recommend him to everyone who needs a home inspection done. He is very thorough which is what you want with this type of investment. We used him twice because he found some issues with our first house inspected which we considered to be serious. We were therefore able to find another home which we hired him again to inspect and were once again pleased with his thoroughness. We also had him come back out for a very fair price to verify that the items we wanted fixed for the house were repaired correctly. Besides being a terrific home inspector, he is still available to answer any questions we have about our home and recommend other great contractors to us. I feel I can still contact him with any questions I might have.” Jennifer F.