As home sellers, in addition to decluttering and staging, one of the best strategies to make the sales process go quicker and smoother is to get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection.

Even the best maintained homes will have defects or problem areas of which the most knowledgeable home sellers may not be aware. Obtaining a home seller’s pre-listing home inspection provides peace of mind from unexpected surprises showing up on a buyer’s home inspection report at the worst possible time. With full knowledge of your home from a  home seller’s pre-listing home inspection, you will put yourself in a position of power at the negotiation table.

What are the benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection and report for home sellers?

1. Provides you an opportunity to see your home through the eyes of an impartial third-party. This information can aid in realistically pricing your home and planning for the next phase in your life.
2. Offers you a checklist to make repairs before you list your house. You can have confidence that your house is in the best possible condition when it does hit the market.
3. Allows you time to decide which repairs you are willing or not willing to make and time to do research about the costs of repairs. You will be prepared at the time of negotiation.
4. Prepares you with notice of any significant issues with your home providing time to decide how you want to handle them. This can prevent delays in the closing process.
5. Shows buyers that you are serious, proactive, and have nothing to hide.

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