New home buyers are not usually aware of how fragmented the home building industry can be. Builders typically rely on subcontracted labor that operate independently. There are a wide range of suppliers for the building materials. It’s a complex management process. The industry is not very receptive to making changes in the processes.

Coordination and communication between different parts of the building “team” doesn’t really exist. Many times subcontractors working on one system of the house inadvertently harm another system.

A builder may use 10-20 subcontractors on one house, or more if you include specialists installing security systems, entertainment systems, etc. The sheer number of participants in the home building process can lead to miscommunication or lack of communication.

There are building code and performance standards focused on specific systems or sub-systems. However, these standards are minimum standards and have little regard for other systems that they interact with.

These are some of the reasons why it’s best for new home buyers to get the home inspected during the construction process and take care of defects before they become costly problems with significant consequences.

The typical phased inspections include:

  • Foundation Inspection
  • Framing
  • Pre-Drywall Inspection
  • Final Inspection and Punch List
  • Warranty Inspection

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