Home Inspection for a New Home:

I will offer an example of why you should get a home inspection for a new home. While building standards have improved in recent years,  the execution and performance of the work has not improved. Mistakes are still often made when building a house.Do New Homes Need a Home Inspection?

This example is from a $450,000 ENERGY STAR new home. There was no insulation or vapor retarder in the crawl space.  Fortunately, those problems can easily be resolved. However, the broken condensate drain pipe in the rear wall did not have an easy solution. The HVAC equipment was installed during warm weather and the air conditioning was running for perhaps a week prior to my inspection. The moisture from the broken condensate drain pipe should have drained to the exterior, but instead drained into the wall and floor cavities. When I arrived at the house, water was dripping between the OSB joints in the subfloor into the crawl space. This moisture warped the hardwood floors and damaged the kitchen cabinets. The builder did not have a clue of this issue until my inspection.

The sad fact is that I find all sorts of serious problems when inspecting new houses no matter the price. So, you decide…should you get a home inspection when buying a new home?

If you are not yet convinced, see my 5 Compelling Reasons for New Home Buyers to Get a Home Inspection. To schedule your home inspection for a new home, contact me at 919-846-6133.

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Author: Rick Nipper is a NC Licensed Home Inspector, a NC Licensed General Contractor and a building science expert. He is the owner of Nipper Home Inspection Services, Inc. and Nipper Home Solutions in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.